Having a bit of a check over before the weather takes up!

Last couple of acres last year I noticed a wee tick coming from around the PTO shaft idler area so have it stripped for inspection. The idler bearing was pretty stiff and dry, but no play in it, still had red paint on the bearing and retaining circlip so original bearing I'd say. There is however a degree of play between the bearing and the shaft itself running through it(maybe a mil, maybe less), the shaft doesn't really look worn where it sits in the bearing and there's no metallic powder about the area, but I can't imagine it's just supposed to sit in there?

I'll obviously replace the bearing (I make it a 6207), but I'm wondering if I need to get the shaft built up, or turned down and collared, to 35mm to be a tight fit on the bearing , or just put it back together in the knowledge that it's now better than it was.

Advice welcome, thanks.