Just finished making a couple of hundred bales of haylage using a Wolagri R500 mini baler. It is something of a slow process even when things are going as they should, but I am at peace with that and am happy enough with the bales. What I am not happy with is the frequency with which the pickup chokes up and the amount of time wasted pulling grass out of it! I am only baling a single 5'6" windrow at a time having used an old wuffler to turn the crop, but the pickup still jams regularly and it rapidly becomes a frustrating and tiring exercise. I have just done a little online research into the alternative mini balers on the market and have found very little in the way of independent reviews. However, I am interested in the CAEB MP550, it has the option of being offset from the tractor which at the very least gives better access to free a blocked pickup and the intake seems to be a fair bit wider (taller) than the letterbox type affair on the Wolagri.
Just wondering if anyone has experience of the CAEB, how it copes in the field and the standard of the bale it produces? Would be even better if someone had experience with both the CAEB and the Wolagri for a comparison.