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Thread: Solenoid valve cleaning

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    Solenoid valve cleaning

    I have a 7840 that the gear solenoid and lift solenoid valves r sticking intermitently and I want to clean them but unsure how to dismantle and what solvent to use?

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    Re: Solenoid valve cleaning

    Iv no experience of them on a ford, but generally the mechanical part should be well lubricated with the oil circuit it is in, thers little to actually service in the electrical part as all moving parts are usually enclosed, other than make sure terminals are secure / not corroded, probably solenoids possibly on the way out, iv had 3 fail with one going on fire which was a concern to say the least.

    One definite tho is if you actually separate the electrical coil from the solenoid and energise even just for a second, it will immediately damage solenoid as it needs to be complete to survive. Hope info helps a bit.

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