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Thread: JCB sitemaster ignition problems

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    JCB sitemaster ignition problems

    Hi all, I’ve got a 1997 3CX sitemaster which has become more temperamental to start-initially flicking forward/reverse selector has worked but recently dash lights have gone out as you turn on the ignition key. I thought it was the ignition switch so have replaced it- ok for a few starts but now nothing. Lights come on sometimes as you turn key to first stage and then nothing. Other times the radio comes on without the ignition switch turned on. Any ideas please?

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    Re: JCB sitemaster ignition problems

    Hello there,

    read your post other week and it does seem an odd one, one thing perhaps worth checking tho is that earth connections within cab/fusebox all nice n clean/secure, things switching on that shouldnt are usually due to poor earth connections. Might also be a good idea to check no connections corroded at battery, occasionally ive seen fancy cabling being put in for additional kit which can cause issues down the line. Be interesting to kno whats caused issuestho.

    Another thing to try is to get an “test meter” put on DC volts and measure what voltage you are getting at switch ie 12volts, the operate switch and see it stays same/ continuous accross switch, this could also guide you to where fault is. If it drops, pull fuses logically for various circuits, possibly heater glow plugs etc be first things to eliminate along with other things assovited with basics of engine start up.

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