Just had one of the most frustrating months of my life!
Dealing with BT! We still have two telephone landlines. I stick with BT because I believe they have more power over Openreach, to repair the landlines we have here which are always breaking down. Broadband on one is always breaking down, so I do have microwave as well as a backup, but even that is not too good.
However, the contracts came up for renewal, as part of the deal I was persuaded to transfer the line only to BT cloud which uses the local telephone mast, so presumably not subject to line failures. I needed three separate phones, one for the office, two in the house. The one near the dongle worked well, but the other two would not work through the walls, so without huge complications expense I cancelled.I started this whole process January 13th, I still have not got my old line back, but expect it today.
In the interim period I have had around 38 emails, and around 14 validation PIN numbers by email. I estimate I have spent something like 10 hours waiting around on the phone, talking to Newcastle, Scotland, N Ireland, India, and Malayshire.
Our broadband and landline numbers are essential, we have had the same number now since 1966!
Regrettably I must stick with them, but if I was not an old git with time on my hands, it would have meant a great deal of wasted time by others on the team.
Just a word of warning to anyone who might be renewing contracts!
jack caley