Many farmers and growers struggle at some point to find the best and most suitable solution for organising their farms more efficiently. New demands within the supply chain require faster and more accurate decisions. Questions arise like:
How do I analyse my activities or record each crop? What is the most cost-effective way to manage my livestock herd? How do I make sure to fulfill all the fresh produce standards for the Red Tractor Label? How do I increase the productivity of each worker? Which varieties of crops produce the highest yields in each field? And how do I efficiently handle food safety, traceability, and product legislation?

While Excel sheets are very flexible as a quick solution for a single user, they become unmanageable for multiple users and dangerous as a permanent solution. Investment in a dedicated farm management solution has become an essential tool for modern producers. Such software systems offer solutions to farms including hygiene, weighing, labour management, crop yield data by plant variety, treatment and growing area, warehouse and stock control, picking and waste management just to name a few. The benefits of such a system are tremendous. It helps to reduce waste, streamlines processes, delivers results across distribution, food production, and farming and creates more value for the company. And on top of that, it can be fully integrated into existing business operations.

MCI Myrias Software offers such solutions. It is made by MCI Systems Ltd. a well-established UK software company with over 30 years of experience in farm and packhouse solutions and over 3000 installations worldwide. Improve your farm performance with one of the most powerful management systems on the market.

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