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Thread: Jack Caley March 2020

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    Jack Caley March 2020

    Dear forum members, those who knew dad through the farming forum. My brother Mark posted on the British farming forum, I don't know if it reached any of you on here.

    Jack Caley passed away in March in hospital in Hull. Some but not all of the family were with him. He loved discussing on here as through out his life, he was an active 'lay' politician. Debate was very important to him, in a world that is maybe losing its tolerance of it, I know that on here he experienced tolerant (if sometimes very opposing views and) debate. Thank you all for talking with dad in this way. He really enjoyed it.

    He is greatly missed. Not least by myself, as we were once again looking to plan a trip to France this year. Despite having had five hip replacements, blood pressure issues, heart problems as well as oedema he had managed these trips so well, the passion for French food and the way of life a prime motivator. I will miss our road trips and my travelling companion.

    At at some point I suppose I will need to look a closing dads profile on here, but I just can't bring myself to yet.

    Take care one and all.
    Fiona Caley.

    Dad is far right, at the back, tall man in a navy blue blazer. Photograph of Beeford Agricultural Discussion group, 2016.
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