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Thread: Massey ferguson 6465

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    Massey ferguson 6465

    The lift arm switch in the armrest only works in down, the switches on the mudguards work and the up/down switch for the pickup hitch works. I put a new switch in the armrest and it worked fine for a day, next day i swapped the switch for a new one,it would only go down, If I put multimeter in conternewerty and cross the live wire on the switch and the up wire with the switch in up the arm work fine. Any ideas? Thanks

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    Re: Massey ferguson 6465

    Iv seen a few issues with MF switches of late, usually about 10yrs old they start to play up. i know youv replaced switch, but id un plug etc and make sure connnections are good and no corrosion/verdigree (coloring) on them, also put a squirt of “electrical lubricant” on them, even wd40 would do. Then check further back in loom, thers other “multi plugs” which take all switches back to controller, give it a check to see all secure and no bad connections. Thers not actually continuity on switches either, they have a resistance in them, must be a safety feature. Basically dont expect a dead short on your meter when you switch them, it will be some sort of ohm value. Youd have to either kno the value or compare to a known good switch. Carefully look at any wiring to incase insulation damaged close to moving parts.

    Last one i was on was giving all sorts of warnings on dashboard, turned out a multi plug between cab & engine had not been “locked properly”. Another was to do with a gearbox, several hundred pounds on various switches had been spent and a dealer visit with diagnostics etc which resulteded in even more bogus info. This also turned out to be a basic plug issue to. The voltages on the control is very low, circa 5volts from memeory, so you dint need much to cause issues. One big issue is diagnostics only actually work when system is nice n new. Once theyr older, certain faukts can send diagnostics on an expensive wild goose chase. Dealers must do well outa selling parts which aren't needed

    iv got a 5455, it also has switches on mudgaurds, occasionally they play up, iv replaced 1 at great expense but then found a simple bit of maintenance/ lube up usually keeps then working for a good while.
    best of luck. ’ Let me kno what you find tho.

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    Re: Massey ferguson 6465

    If its the raise/lower switch in the armrest it has a fair bit of stuff on a mini PCB with tiny "magnetic sensor/switches" for want of the right description that pick up the switches postion- what you'd call contact-less I'd guess. No wonder they are over the £100 mark.
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