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Thread: 1394 front loader

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    1394 front loader

    Can anyone tell me which loafers and brackets will fit on a 1394 2wd. I only want it for occasional use and wondered if they are interchangeable between different models? Thanks

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    Re: 1394 front loader

    We have a GD90 on a 1394 so it definitely fits. A QD90? should theoretically fit too and is a better loader primarily because the access is better for maintenance to the tractor due to the minimalist rear brackets. However if you fit a GD90 and then have to change something like the starter motor the bracket has to come off which is no big deal if you have a garage crane and an impact wrench but at least a two man job if you don't. Also consider a quickie /ALO loader for the same reason easier access to the tractor for repairs.If buying secondhand make sure all the parts are there as replacing something like the cables for the spool banks costs 100's of pounds. I came across that once when fitting a QD90 to a 1594 that came off a 1490 that the cables were too short for the six cylinder engine ,I think it was 250 for the longer cables 20 years ago. Ideally buy one off a tractor rather than lying in a pile as it's easier to see it's all there and working/leak free.seal kits for the kontak banks are pricey too and they like to leak.I'd say a really tidy late GD90 off a tractor with a good bucket and manure fork no welds and little wear would be 1000,something rough maybe 500 and something in the nettles with no banks and attachments 300 as it will likely end up fr dearer than a decent one by the time it's working. They were a strong loader but they are old now and cracks even in the brackets are not that uncommon.

    QD 90 pic:

    GD90 pics

    Note the way the former model with the twin crowd rams comes off the tractor for better access to the starter etc.
    The twin crowd ram loader is a bit heavy for a 1394 2wd more suited to a 4wd.Any loader on an early 2wd 1394 inevitably breaks the stub axles which can be replaced with stronger ones with a different inner bearing.The earlier 1394 front axles aren't really strong enough for a lot of loader work.

    Here is a helpful explanation of the model names:
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