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Thread: Massey 4355 Engine Rebuild

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    Massey 4355 Engine Rebuild

    Well folks, currently doing up the perkins 4cyl turbo engine in an MF 4355 (new pistons, sleeves, rings, injectors etc) is anyone here able to tell me what torque the head studs should be set at, and also wondering if anyone else here uses an assembly lube when they're rebuilding diesel engines. Thinking of using something similar to the Lucas Oil assembly lube to try and help the engine break in properly, anyone any experience or tips with this product or anything similar?


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    Re: Massey 4355 Engine Rebuild

    Regarding the lube engine oil is fine, I used to keep the injectors out of a rebuilt engine and crank the engine until I had oil pressure on a plug in gauge. Once oil pressure was established then I'd install the injectors and load the bearings with compression, just me being OCD. I don't like a lot of those fancy products for rebuilds as they can interfere with proper break in of the rings etc.

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