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Thread: Help with transmission noise International 354/444/434

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    Help with transmission noise International 354/444/434

    I have an International 354 which I bought about 3 years ago in need of some repairs with hydraulics and tin work. With the recent lockdown I finally managed to get it all finished and I've begun using it more frequently.

    It's has had a slight knocking sound coming from the front of the transmission/bell housing area for a few months. Sometimes it would not be noticeable at all, but after working hard it would become much more noticeable. In the past few weeks it's gotten worse and now it's at the point where the knocking is there all the time. When I push the clutch all the way down (dual clutch) the knocking stops.

    The tractor has always has the correct amount of oil in the transmission since I got it. And I had the lift housing off around 2 years ago, and the oil seemed like it was not milky or contaminated. I replaced the whole backend oil last week to see if it would make any difference, but it didn't. When I dropped the oil I didn't see any chunks of metal. There were some very fine iron filings, but I would expect this on a tractor that most probably didn't have the transmission oil changed for a long time.

    Anyone have any ideas what the problem is? For now I'm reluctant to use the tractor again as I'm afraid of a bearing exploding and causing infinite damage.

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    Re: Help with transmission noise International 354/444/434

    At a guess,I'd say the flywheel bolts are loose,or the toggle arms aren't running true and one may be touching the release bearing making it rattle. Pressing the clutch would tighten everthing up and stop the rattle.

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