Had to recently get a 07 Puma Defender MOT'd, not much needed doing except an issue with the windscreen wiper motor that started playing around a while back.

About a year ago I'd had all the dash out to replace both wiper wheelboxes- they had become dry to the point where they seized up so it was quite a bit of work just to change the two wheelboxes and the wiper motor seemed well enough and had plenty of grease in it when I opened it up to insert the new cable that pushed & pulled the wheelbox gear and wiper arm/blade.

Move on to a couple of months ago and here we were having to take the dash out again, or rather most of the way- just enough to access the wipermotor mounted in the dash virtually infront of the passengers knees. The motor had slowed to the point where it began to blow fuses and also the parking of the wipers packed up- stopping where ever they were when you hit the switch.

The motor has a park sensor built into it which tested ok but the motor was tight to turn so a new one went on, complete with park switch and drive cable, back went the dash and then test run. Expecting it to flawlessly perform it was disappointing to find that the wipers didn't park or the screen wash/wipe function still didn't function although we did have 2 speeds!

Time to resort to the manual and check out the wiring diagrams to see what gems LR had come up with

Enter the "ECU Delay Windscreen Wiper" unit!! first thought was they had gone and built it into one of the main ECU's and this was going to be expensive!! Finding said "ECU" wasn't too hard as when you tried the wash/wipe you could just make out something clicking amongst the relays in the fusebox below the steering wheel- and then it appears that I'd always known as a wiper delay unit was the same thing as the superior sounding ECU item!

Changing this little fella restored the wipers ability to park in their proper place and also brought the wash/wipe function back on the menu!

ECU! talk about bulling something up!!