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Thread: Massey 2008 5455 blower fan

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    Massey 2008 5455 blower fan

    My Massey 5455 blower fan is not working. Iíve read that it may be the fan resistor. Iíve checked all the fuses. Would it be the fan resistor or could it be another issue such as switch or blower motor? Also do I need to remove the roof to sort the fan?

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    Re: Massey 2008 5455 blower fan

    Hello there, its highly likely its the switch which selects the fan speed. In higher speed settings it fails quickly. They are very cheap but you will have to look on auction sites etc, believe it or not they are identical ones to what are used in fiat unos etc and are about £10. Think MF try to sell whole assembly which is £££.
    if you pull switch housing out which is easy, you will no doubt find a melted mess ....... once you replace with the new switch, personally i wouldnt wire in the fast speed selector, it seems to be the one which causes the issue ie too much load . Probably a bit underated for the job.
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