Hoping the BFF Brains Trust can help, and as is sometimes the case, what seems to be a simple problem might have an alternative solution. I'll tell the long story, coz sometimes the long way around is the quickest way home.

A used machine, (I understadn a JZ140 is a JZ130 with a blade attached) bought a couple of years ago, 9k hrs, from a reputable hire company (so presumably it was well serviced). When I was last using it several months ago, the engine began to run on when the key was switched off. It was common that I would also have to use the emergency stop button. The engine would almost stop, then pick up a few revs, then almost stop again, repeatedly. An intermittent fault which did not always occur. I would stop it by manually pulling the stop solenoid cable.

Move on a few months, and one battery died several months ago. Hooked up the one good battery to keep the display memory alive until the second battery was installed today. Meantime, I looked at the stop solenoid and noted some clean threads on the bolt anchoring it to the frame, so I assumed the solenoid had moved enough that it did not pull the pump stop lever far enough.

Today, the engine started instantly, as normal, but ran only at the almost-stopped speed. The electronic throttle would not work, and the display showed the error code "108 flywheel".

I found the flywheel sensor, disconnected and reconnected it, ensuring the two parts were fully connected. It made no difference.

I'm guessing that hte problem is analogue, not digital i.e. intermittent (but now continuous) loss of signal, not a computer or software problem.

I'm assuming the solenoid is not the problem, coz it now in evidence at start-up, not just at shutdown, so I'm hoping someone can point me to a list of error codes. The service manual says nowt, and the parts book simply lists the engine speed sensor as a spare part (which is an eye-watering price!).

On that latter comment, I presume it is a generic sensor, used widely on the Isuzu engine fitted, so an Isuzu part number could be useful if it is a sensor problem. I have *no* experience with flywheel sensors!