I'm looking for some land where I could do some shooting (i.e free pest control)? I live in Gloucestershire and have years of experience shooting quarry such as rabbits, rats, pigeons etc (and also large quarry such as foxes and deer).

In exchange I would gladly lend a hand with the work that might need doing or even come to an arrange where by which I pay a small fee each quarter (which we can discuss).

I'm have full insurance and liability cover through BASC and my DSC1. I completely understand the risks associated with having livestock on a property which would at no point be in any danger. I'm mostly hoping to either set up decoys and keep pigeon levels at bay over arable crops, keep rabbit populations down as well as shooting any small vermin such as rats etc, but also foxes and deer if required. Anything edible won't go to waste.

Trying to get permission to shoot is really difficult so I thought I'd ask to see if anyone could be of help or at least point me in the right direction.