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Thread: Matbro Pickup Hitch

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    Matbro Pickup Hitch

    I am wanting to fit a pickup hitch to a Matbro TS280 .I have the hitch but now I need to get the hydraulic parts ,it looks as if I would need to fit another slice to the existing proportional valve on the top of the fuel tank but I am having trouble finding it .Are the valves from the TR250 going to be the same? as I have seen some on e bay.I have been quoted £2000 for new parts but cannot justify this sort of spend

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    Re: Matbro Pickup Hitch

    The cheapest option would probably be to fit an electric diverted valve to another service. Something like this:

    Fit it to a circuit that is less often used like the aux services rather than the boom or crowd. At the flick of a switch it makes the existing service into the PUH. Many machines already use them. There is a snag with them on CCLS systems but not on open centre pumps.By the time you buy hoses and adaptors there probably won’t be much change out of £350

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