Hi I am looking at getting a 2000 jcb fastrac 3155, i have come across one that has 2 gear sticks and no forward/reverse shuttle. The main gearstick has the 3 power shift buttons and the second gearstick is for forward and reverse. Iíve searched but am finding limited information Other then some early 3 series fastracís had a dry clutch and that some 3155ís came out with a 2 stick gearbox as a cheaper ďbaseĒ model but canít find any information on the setup.

Does anyone know about these gearboxes? Are they a wet or dry clutch? Is it still a smooth shift gearbox? (The fastrac doesnít have any stickers on the doors) is it the same gearbox as the electric shuttle with just the forward/reverse operated by lever instead of electronic? Any information would be greatly appreciated