Many years ago I bought some round hollow plastic tubing designed to be used as a vee belt. You cut it to length and joined it with a steel internal joiner which you pushed into each end of the tube. It was a "get you home" job really when a fan belt broke on a vehicle/machine but they would actually last for quite some time.

I am now overhauling my power hacksaw and there are 2 vee belts on it, one to dive the saw blade and one to drive the suds pump. The problem is that both belts are driven off the same electric motor shaft (using a double pulley) and while there is the usual adjustment on the motor it means that it will adjust both belts at the same time, i.e. I can't adjust the belts individually. The saw blade belt is much thicker and longer than the suds belt and so I thought, because the suds pump doesn't take much driving, that I would buy the correct belt for the saw blade and use some of the round hollow plastic tubing type of belt for the suds because I can cut that to length and therefore make it as tight or as slack as I wanted to.

I have grabbed a couple of images to show what I am talking about. saw2.JPGsaw1.JPG

I have Googled/eBay'd for it but thought I would ask a question on here to see if there is a "recognised" manufacturer for this type of material these days.

TIA for any advice/help.